Can Cheek Implants Look Natural and Enhance Your Beauty?

Cheek augmentation is a procedure used to enhance the cheekbones or make the cheeks fuller. Learn how it can help you achieve a more youthful look without looking unnatural.

Can Cheek Implants Look Natural and Enhance Your Beauty?

Our main goal is to work with our patients to achieve the desired results. If you want a natural look, we can help you with that. Cheek implants don't have to make you look like a different person, they can be a great way to accentuate and complement your natural beauty and face shape. The mid-face lift helps restore the youthful shape of the face by reversing sagging.

Cheekbones look full, soft, and natural. Cheek implants can make the cheekbones more prominent but can also make the cheeks look bony. And cheek implants do not address the sagging that was the original problem. There are men and women whose cheekbones are too small, and in these cases, cheek implants are the right solution.

However, I would say that for every ten candidates for a half-face lift, I only see one person who needs cheek implants. That's why I'm confident that you don't need cheek implants.

Cheek augmentation

, also known as cheekbone augmentation or cheek implants, is a procedure used to enhance the cheekbones or make the cheeks fuller. Like other plastic surgery procedures, it can make your face look younger or balance your facial features, making you feel more attractive.

No, cheek implants should not look unnatural as you age. The implants are placed deep below the soft tissues of the cheek to minimize any changes in appearance over time as you age. All candidates for cheek augmentation should be in good physical health, not smoking, and have realistic expectations of their potential outcomes. Cheekbone augmentation or implants (also known as malar and submalar implants) restores the face to a more youthful state by giving the middle face more structure and definition.

Evaluate the pros and cons of these options as you talk to your surgeon in your cheekbone augmentation office. The implants will anchor to the cheekbones for added stability, leaving you with a lasting solution for sagging cheekbones, imbalance, or loss of volume in the middle of the face. Many patients who undergo cheekbone augmentation tend to be women, as high, full cheekbones are considered an important feminine aesthetic quality. Patients with surgical cheekbone augmentation will not have visible external scars, but they may have scarring limited to the inside of the mouth, where the incisions were made.

Scarring is minimal with increased cheekbones because the incisions are made inside the mouth or lower eyelid. Alternatively, male patients can also benefit from balanced facial profile and fullness through a cheekbone augmentation procedure. If you have ill-defined cheeks due to genetics or loss of volume as a result of aging, cheek implants may be an excellent option for you. The procedure involves minimal recovery and can achieve spectacular but natural-looking results.

The surgeon will prescribe pain relievers to surgical cheek augmentation patients as needed, and will also recommend measures to relieve discomfort for the first few days after the procedure. No, what most of these women have is ptosis of the cheeks, which is sagging of the cheeks that occurs with aging.

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