Do Cheek Implants Change Eye Shape?

Cheek implants are a method of cheekbone augmentation that changes the underlying structure of your cheeks. Learn how they can affect your eye shape.

Do Cheek Implants Change Eye Shape?

Cheek implants are a method of cheekbone augmentation that changes the underlying structure of the cheek. Unlike a facelift, which focuses on softening the skin, these implants give more shape to the cheek. The implants themselves are usually made of medical silicone, although other materials are available. All of them have been proven to be safe to use in this way.

These implants are intended to be permanent, but they can always be removed if the patient wishes. Both implants and fillers change the appearance of your face by making it look fuller, smoother and younger.The transblepharoplasty approach (incision in the lower eyelid) can cause the implant to be placed too high on the cheek. This makes the lower eyelid appear full and can change the apparent shape of the eye, especially when smiling. The best option for you will depend on your preferences.

Implants can contour and build up weak areas of the face, improving symmetry and correcting unwanted facial proportions. Facial imbalances and irregularities are usually a genetic issue, but they can be the result of a birth defect or even trauma or illness.Cheek implants come in three different sizes designed for different areas depending on the nature of the problem. Malar implants are the most common type and are placed right on the cheekbone. These implants give the cheekbone a taller, more contoured appearance.

Submalar implants are placed below the cheekbone to give the cheek a fuller look. It is usually used to correct a sunken or emaciated appearance in the middle of the face. Tear canal implants are the third type of implant and are placed under the eyes to correct the hollow or sunken appearance of the eye.Breast augmentation surgery remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. It is used to improve the size and shape of breasts so that patients can enjoy a more voluptuous appearance.

The cheeks also serve as a support system for the rest of the skin of the face, so the double chin line often sinks as the cheeks begin to sag.Cheekbone augmentation or implants (also known as malar and submalar implants) restores the face to a more youthful state by giving the middle face more structure and definition. Gallo's cheekbone augmentation procedure creates harmony and balance in combination with your other facial features, for a natural look. Some fillers work better for certain types of procedures than others, and cheekbone augmentation is no different.

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