What is Face Augmentation? A Comprehensive Guide

Cheekbone augmentation is a surgical procedure used to add volume or lift to the cheeks. Learn more about this procedure including its risks and safety.

What is Face Augmentation? A Comprehensive Guide

The goal of cheekbone augmentation is to add volume or lift to the cheeks, giving them a more youthful appearance and balancing other facial features. Surgical options to improve the cheeks are fat grafting or cheek implants. Some people find it annoying that their cheeks lose volume, or even droop, with age, while others never develop the desired volume on their cheeks and are bothered by cheeks that can be considered flat or thin. Facial implants are solid implants generally made of medical silicone, which has an established and long history of safety.

The surgeon can choose from a variety of implants, depending on the desired approach. Facial implants are intended to be permanent, but implants can be removed if desired. A cheekbone augmentation can be completed in a number of different ways. The objective of this procedure is to rejuvenate the midfacial area by increasing the 3D contour, anterior projection and volume of the cheeks.

A facial implant is a small device (made of silicone or other safe material) that the plastic surgeon places under the skin during surgery. Examples include cheek implants, chin implants, and jaw implants.When it comes to facial cosmetic procedures, cheek augmentation, also known as mid-face modification, is often overlooked. Many patients and facial plastic surgeons tend to focus on the upper and lower part of the face because those areas are more likely to develop wrinkles. However, there are several valid reasons why patients may seek cheekbone augmentation, either in the form of fillers or cheek implants.

Some patients are dissatisfied with their natural bone structure and want to create a more angular look. Others simply notice the loss of volume as they age and want to restore their youthful appearance.Cheekbone augmentation, also called a cheekbone implant, adds lift to the cheeks or fills them out. Implanted in an aesthetic surgical procedure, cheek implants can give the face a more youthful appearance and balance other facial features.

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