Cheek Augmentation: Is it Permanent?

Cheek augmentation can result in fuller & softer looking cheeks & provide permanent volume improvements to your face. Learn about its benefits & risks.

Cheek Augmentation: Is it Permanent?

Your cheek augmentation can result in fuller, softer looking cheeks that may even appear raised. Depending on the approach, results from solid cheekbone implants are permanent, while fat transfer results can last for several years. Facial implants are solid implants, usually made of medical silicone, that have an established and long history of safety. The surgeon can choose from a variety of implants, depending on the desired approach.

Facial implants are designed to be permanent, but implants can be removed if desired. Cheek augmentation is safe to leave in place for many years to come and don't need to be changed. Because they are solid, there is no internal fluid that can leak out, unlike breast implants. They are soft and your body heals around them, decreasing the risk of bacterial infection or healing problems.

Plus, if there's ever a reason you need to remove them, they come out easily, unlike Gore-Tex or MedPor. Cheek implants are a synthetic material that is surgically inserted into the surface of bone. These implants provide permanent volume improvements to the cheeks and will remain unchanged over time. Cheek implants are an excellent choice for patients with moderate to severe volume loss who want the most cost-effective, long-term solution for facial volume loss.

A disadvantage of cheek implants is that they are designed only for the central cheeks and extended areas of the lacrimal, and do not address other areas such as the temples or lower smile lines (puppet lines) at the same time. Cheek implants may be a more affordable procedure than fat transfer and generally offer permanent, long-lasting results. Because this procedure is surgical, the patient will have sutures to care for, a longer recovery period, and a slower return to normal, daily functioning. In addition to the potential side effects that are particular to implant procedures, such as infection or movement of the implant, many of the drawbacks are similar to filling and transfers, such as bruising and redness after surgery.

The chin and cheek often play a bigger role in facial symmetry than people realize. A chin implant can help make the neck and face look less full, help remove excess submental skin, and help eliminate hollow areas surrounding the chin. Cheek implants can help create the appearance of higher cheekbones, making your face look more sculpted and contoured. Chin and cheek implants are also permanent, so you won't need repeat procedures or touch-up appointments.

Skin aging is a biological process that is inescapable, especially in facial skin. The elasticity of the skin decreases, becoming thinner and drier, which causes sagging facial skin. A cheekbone augmentation through a cosmetic cheekbone implant procedure can help you lift your face despite aging problems. A full and defined cheek is a sign of youth and attractiveness.

However, as we age, the fat pads on the cheeks begin to shrink and the skin becomes less elastic, leading to hollow cheeks and an aged appearance. By augmenting cheeks with implants, patients enjoy improved overall balance with a natural projection of the cheekbones, which many consider an attractive quality. A liquid cheek augmentation is a quick procedure that is relatively painless with minimal side effects such as some minor bruising or swelling. With proper aftercare such as applying ice to the area after treatment and using Arnica Montana topical or oral before and after treatment patients can return to work as soon as the same day.

If you're interested in having your cheeks augmented with a fat transfer filler or implant procedure contact the office of a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to schedule a consultation with a licensed physician.Cheekbone augmentation leaves scars; however because the incisions are made inside the mouth scars are not visible. Facial implants used for chin and cheek augmentation are permanent although they can be removed if desired.Successful cheekbone augmentation gives people better facial proportions by creating taller fuller cheekbones. Patients who undergo cheekbone augmentation with a fat transfer will require not only the healing of facial injections but also the liposuction procedure. An advantage of fat grafting over cheek implants is that fat grafting does not require any synthetic or foreign material as do both cheek implants and filler injections.The three techniques used for cheekbone augmentation are very different from each other and it's important to schedule a consultation to talk with a facial plastic surgeon about the one that best suits your individual needs.Cheek augmentation can be performed in adults of almost any age depending on the patient's anatomy.

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